Introduction of Vis
Island in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Dalmatia, 33 mi SSW of Split. It was the site of a Greek colony founded in 390 b.c. by Dionysius the Elder of Syracuse, Sicily. During the Roman Civil War of 49 to 45 b.c., it came under the rule of Rome. In the Middle Ages it came successively under the Byzantine Empire, Croatia, and Venice. During the Napoleonic Wars it was held by France until Great Britain won a naval victory over a Franco-Venetian fleet off its coast on March 13, 1811. The first battle fought by modern ironclad steam fleets was fought off Vis between Italy and Austria on July 20, 1866, during the Austro- Prussian War. The Italians were defeated. Ceded to Yugoslavia in 1918, Vis became the headquarters of the Yugoslav partisans during World War II.