Introduction of Venezia-Giulia
Former region on the Adriatic Sea, in NE Italy, formedafter World War I from some of the land ceded byAustria to Italy in 1919. Fiume, now Rijeka, Croatia,became part of Venezia Giulia in 1922 when Italianfascists seized it, ending its status as a free port.Venezia Giulia also included eastern Friuli, Trieste,Istria, and part of Carniola. At the end of WorldWar II most of the region was ceded to Yugoslaviaby Italy. The part of Venezia Giulia that stayed Italianwas joined with Udine province to form a newregion, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Trieste, created a freeterritory in 1947, was divided between Italy and Yugoslavia in 1954, and the Italian section was put inthe new region.Island in the РЁresund, off the SW coast. It was thehome of the 16th-century Danish astronomer TychoBrahe. Here he built a remarkable observatory.

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