Introduction of Utica
Ancient city, 15 mi NW of ancient Carthage and 18 mi N of modern Tunis. Founded by Phoenicians c.

the eighth century b.c., it sided with Carthage against Rome in the first two Punic Wars. In the Third Punic War it joined with Rome. After Carthage’s defeat, c.

145 b.c., it became capital of the Roman province of Africa. Cato the Younger committed suicide here after his defeat by Caesar in 46 b.c. An episcopal see in the third century a.d., it was taken by the Vand als in 439 and by the Byzantines in 534. The Arabs destroyed it c. 700. Eighth-century cemeteries and Roman residences, an amphitheater, baths, and fortifications have been excavated.

Utica Images