Introduction of Shiraz
Capital city of Fars province, in the central SW. It has been an important city from the late seventh century a.d. Shirazi traders were active along the African coast in the 10th century. Although sacked by Tamerlane in the late 14th century, the city was rebuilt by the Safavids, and attacked and damaged in the early 18th century.

Under Karim Khan it served as capital of Persia from 1750 to 1779. Its decline began when Karim’s successor, Aga Muhammad Khan, moved the capital to Teheran. It was the birthplace of the Persian poet Saadi and is the burial place of both Saadi and the poet Hafiz. The tombs of two brothers of Imam Riza, who died here in the ninth century, are a place of pilgrimage.

Nearby are the ruins of Persepolis.

Shiraz Images