Introduction of Seleucid-Empire
Ancient empire founded by Seleucis I, one of Alexand erthe Great's generals, after Alexand er's death in 323 b.c.and the breakup of the Macedonian Empire. At itsgreatest extent, it included Asia Minor, Syria, Mesopotamia,and reached east into India as far as theIndus River. After Babylonia was awarded to Seleucisin 312 b.c., he founded a capital at Seleucia on thebanks of the Tigris River, approximately 20 miles SEof the future site of Baghdad, which rapidly became amajor Greek metropolis and continued to flourish assuch well into the period of domination by Parthia,until the first century a.d. Seleucis also foundedAntioch in Syria and other important Greek colonies.Ruled by four kings named Seleucis and 13 namedAntiochus, the empire waxed and waned during thedynastic wars of the successors of Alexand er, butafter the second century b.c. it began rapidly to breakup until its western remnants were taken over by theRoman under Pompey in 64 b.c. and eventuallybecame part of the Roman Empire, while the easternprovinces were absorbed by Parthia.

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