Introduction of Scilly-Islands
Archipelago of more than 150 island s in Cornwall,off SW England , 25 mi SW of Land s End. The sceneof many shipwrecks through the centuries, this area,because of its flower growing, is known as the FlowerGarden of England . Five of the island s are inhabitedand contain historical buildings. Samson Island hasancient stone monuments. Tresco has remains of anabbey from the 10th century and Oliver Cromwell'sTower. The main island , St. Mary's, is where PrinceCharles (Charles II) stopped during his flight from theEnglish Civil War in 1645.One of the Solomon Island s, in the W Pacific Ocean.It was controlled by Germany from 1886 to 1899. AJapanese military base was developed at Rekata Bayon the NW coast during World War II until 1943.

Scilly-Islands Images