Introduction of San-Luis-Potosi
Capital city of San Luis Potosн state, 225 mi NW ofMexico City. Founded in 1576 as a Franciscan mission,this city was strategically important in the colonialera as well as during the Mexican Revolution.When briefly imprisoned here in 1910, the patriotFrancisco I. Madero drew up the Plan of San LuisPotosн—the social and political program of the MexicanRevolution. The city still retains much colonialcharacter in its architecture and narrow cobbledstreets.Industrial and mining city, capital of Potosi department,approximately 50 mi SW of Sucre, SW Bolivia.Founded in 1547, its mines were Spain's greatestsource of silver, and it grew into one of the richestcities in the world, supplying Europe with much ofthe silver responsible for the great inflation of the16th century. By the 18th century the mines hadbecome too difficult and expensive to work, and thecity rapidly declined, not regaining importance untilthe discovery of tin nearby in the late 19th century.There are fine examples of colonial architecture here,including the Mint House of 1753 and a palace and courthouse from the 16th century. Its university wasfounded in 1571.

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