Introduction of San-Bernardino
City, in S California, in the San Bernardino Valley,55 mi E of Los Angeles. First explored in 1772,it was named in 1810 by Spanish explorers and planned in 1853 by Mormons, who had arrived in1851. Today it is well known for its Rim of theWorld Drive, 5-7,000 feet high in the San BernardinoMountains. In 1994 nearby Norton AirForce base closed.Capital city and manufacturing center in W centralSwitzerland , 59 mi SW of Zurich. Founded by DukeBerthold V of ZРґhringen, who fortified it in 1191, itbecame a free imperial city in 1218. In 1353 it joinedthe Swiss Confederation, which it soon dominated.Protestantism triumphed in Bern in 1528. The Napoleonicinvasion of 1798 led to the decline of aristocraticrule, which finally ended in 1831. In 1848 Bernbecame the capital of the Swiss Confederation.

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