Introduction of Port-Hueneme
City on Santa Barbara Channel, approximately 40 miW of Los Angeles, near Point Hueneme, S California.It was founded in 1870 and incorporated in1948. The U.S. Navy operated a training base here inWorld War II and now maintains a guided missilerange and a Seabee center in the city.Agricultural city, 7 mi from the mouth of the HueRiver, in Vietnam. It was the capital city during theNguyen dynasty in the early 17th century and remainedso for the first united kingdom of Vietnam, establishedin 1804. It later became the capital of the French protectorateof Annam, created in 1884. Badly damagedduring the French Indochinese War, which ended in1954, it was the scene of heavy fighting during the Tetoffensive in the Vietnam War in 1968. At this time thepalaces and tombs of the Annamese kings weredestroyed along with most of the city.

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