Introduction of Pittsburgh
Major industrial city at the confluence of the Alleghenyand Monongahela rivers, at the formation of theOhio River, SW Pennsylvania. Founded on an oldIndian village site, it became a fur-trading post in the17th century. The French built Fort Duquesne herein 1753. In 1754 Lieutenant Colonel George Washington'sVirginia militia were defeated at Great Meadowsnear here. Later in the year British generalEdward Braddock's force and another Virginiadetachment under Washington were surprised and soundly defeated by a force of French and Indiansfrom Fort Duquesne near here on July 9. Braddockdied of his wounds and three-quarters of the Britishforce were killed or wounded in this first battle of thewar. The fort was captured by the British in 1758 and renamed Fort Pitt. The University of Pittsburgh wasestablished here in 1787, and the city was incorporatedin 1816. In 1960 Pittsburgh became the world'sfirst nuclear-powered city. Pittsburgh developed itsfamous steel industry in the 19th century, but thesteel industry suffered a severe contraction in the1970s. The city was a focal point of urban renewalprojects in the 20th century, and has become a vibrantcenter for technology companies in the 21st century.

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