Volga River

THE VOLGA RIVER is considered to be the mother of Russian rivers.
Europe's longest, it drains an area of 550,288 square mi (1,410,994 square km), roughly 40 percent of European RUSSIA.
From its origins in the heavily forested hills near the Baltic Sea to its mouth on the... Read More >>

Amur River

THE AMUR RIVER, in Siberia, springs from the confluence of the Shilka and Argun Rivers east of Lake BAIKAL and flows over 1,800 mi (2,897 km) toward the Tatar Straits, the passage between Sakhalin and the Russian Pacific Coast.
With all tributaries, the Amur basin covers nea... Read More >>

Amu Darya

THE AMU DARYA has served as a bridge between cultures for several millennia.
A river that flows straight across one of the harshest deserts in the world, it has served as a natural highway for migrants and invaders from Central Asia to South Asia and the MIDDLE EAST, as well... Read More >>

Adriatic Sea

THE ADRIATIC SEA (in Italian "Mar Adriatico," in Serbian "Jadransko more") is a northwest-to-southeast arm of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA.
The sea separates the Italian peninsula from the Austro-Hungarian, Montenegrin, and Albanian littorals, and the Italian Apennine Mountains fro... Read More >>

Aegean Sea

THE AEGEAN SEA is an arm of the MEDITERRANEAN SEA, located between the Greek peninsula to the west and TURKEY to the east.
The Aegean is connected through the Dardanelles, the Sea of Marmara, and the Bosporus with the BLACK SEA, while the island of Crete is considered to be ... Read More >>

Yenisey-Angara River

THE YENISEY AND ANGARA rivers form a dividing line between western and eastern SIBERIA.
Like the other major rivers of the region, they flow from highlands in the south across the flat north Siberian plains to the ARCTIC OCEAN.
The watershed also includes the subbasin of...

Amazon River

SOME AUTHORITIES believe that the river in BRAZIL and neighboring countries was named after the Amazons, women warriors of Greek mythology, who were thought to reside in the region; other scholars insist that the name is derived from the local native word amassona, meaning "boat... Read More >>

Don River

THE DON RIVER IS one of RUSSIA's major commercial rivers, which, connected to the VOLGA through the 65-mi (105-km) Volga-Don Canal, allows river traffic to sail from Russia's interior ports as far inland as MOSCOW to ports on the BLACK SEA and beyond to the MEDITERRANEAN.
Th...

Winnipeg Lake

LOCATED IN THE SOUTHEAST portion of the Canadian province of Manitoba, Lake Winnipeg (Cree for "murky or muddy waters") is 266 mi (428 km) long and has an area of 9,417 square mi (24,390 square km).
English explorer Henry Kelsey was the first European to visit the area in 16... Read More >>
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