guerrilla base

A GUERRILLA BASE or base area is a physically secure geographic location used by political dissidents from which they can launch military attacks.
Historically, such bases were local or national.
In 2003, the process became global, with guerrilla bases of al- Qaeda stage... Read More >>

growth pole

GROWTH POLE REFERS to the concentration of highly innovative and technically advanced industries that stimulate economic development in linked businesses and industries.
This concept was first introduced by Francois Perroux in 1950, was further sharpened in following publica... Read More >>


THE EARTH IS NOT spherical but rather an ellipsoidal shape where the north and south poles are flattened and the equator bulges.
This unique shape is called a geoid.
In order to uniquely locate features on the Earth's surface, a reference system is required.
An imagi...

great circle

A GREAT CIRCLE IS defined as a direction line that forms a full circle.
This is also called a true azimuth.
A great circle divides the Earth into equal halves and on the idealized surface of the Earth, the shortest distance between two points lies along a great circle. <... Read More >>


MANY DIFFERENT TYPES of ecosystems throughout the world are described as grasslands because they are dominated by species of grass with a range of other plant types as subordinates within the community.
Grasslands occur at most latitudes and altitudes reflecting the wide ran... Read More >>


GLOBALIZATION IS A term that is used quite frequently but whose meaning remains obscure.
One definition of globalization is that is a process of complex interconnections between societies, cultures, institutions, and individuals that takes place worldwide.
It also descri...

global warming

GLOBAL WARMING IS an increase in the temperature of the Earth due to an increase in greenhouse gases that reduce natural cooling.
Periodically, the natural changes in the Earth's climate have produced increases 376 global warming and decreases in average temperature and the ... Read More >>


THE ACTION OF GLACIERS has made a huge difference in the appearance of the Earth's surface.
Changes in the land from the action of glaciers is called glaciation.
A glacier is a moving mass of ice, air, water, rock and sediment.
Glaciers flow very slowly with gravity ...

geostrophic winds

GEOSTROPHIC WINDS blow above the friction layer of the Earth, balanced between pressure gradient forces and the Coriolis force.
Geo, meaning "Earth," and 368 geostrophic winds strophic, or "turning," refer to the Coriolis force of the Earth's rotation.
The Coriolis force...
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