FLOODPLAINS HAVE been a focal point of settlement throughout history and of controversy in recent decades.
Humans are drawn to floodplains to cultivate the fertile soils that compose them.
Floodplains are some of the best lands for growing crops, but they come with a pri... Read More >>

historical geography

GEOGRAPHERS SEEK TO understand the world by examining spatial relationships.
The types of questions they might ask are: Why are things located where they are? How are places different from each other? How are places like each other? How are places interconnected with each ot... Read More >>


FROM THE GERMAN umland, a hinterland is inland territory behind and bordering a town on a coast or river, or the backcountry extending from an inland town.
In both cases, the hinterland generally falls under the legal and economic jurisdiction of the same state to which the ... Read More >>


THE WORD hemisphere means "half a sphere." In geography, the term refers to half the Earth, and the enclosing boundary line of a hemisphere is a great circle.
A space traveler viewing the Earth from a great distance will see only half the earth, a hemispheric perspective. Read More >>


THE HEARTLAND THEORY was developed by Scottish geographer, Sir Halford J.
He read his paper "The Geographical Pivot of History" before the Royal Geographical Society in London in 1904, and soon afterward published his views on the influence of geography on pol... Read More >>


HAMMADA IS AN Arabic word used to describe "desert pavement." The deserts of the world that have sand dunes capture the imagination, but many of the world's desert areas are bleak, stony deserts.
Usually, the stony deserts are level plains that are virtually devoid of vegeta... Read More >>

Gulf Stream

THE GULF STREAM, a relative newcomer on the geological scene, is an odd, fast-moving circulation of warm water that travels in an unfixed position, a few hundred miles north of FLORIDA, up the east coast of the UNITED STATES to Cape Hatteras, NORTH CAROLINA, then onto Nantucket ... Read More >>

Gulf of Aqaba

THE GULF OF AQABA is the north arm of the RED SEA; it is bordered by ISRAEL, JORDAN, EGYPT, and SAUDI ARABIA.
Created by seismic activity along the Afro-Syrian Rift, it is the northernmost extension of the Red Sea.
It is a semi-enclosed water body that extends south some... Read More >>
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